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CEO of SHOUTING – Steve Price talks with a wide range of awesome creative industry professionals. From recent grads to industry titans. He didn’t shout (much), he listened to some really insightful stuff, you should listen too. Swearing included, for free. You’re welcome.

Creative industry duo Charlotte & Lucy on graduating into advertising from Grey, London
Series 1 Episode 1 Creative industry duo Charlotte and Lucy on how they met, how to find a creative partner and how they found their way into Adland. Listen Up
Podcast cover with advertising duo Mary Buzbee and Lauren Meadows
Series 1 Episode 2 Advertising partners Mary and Lauren on embracing Twitter and how to make Industry BFFs and communicate in to that job. Listen Up
Creative Industry Royalty, Copy Chief Vikki Ross
Series 1 Episode 3 Copywriter royalty, copy chief Vikki Ross on how she found copywriting (once she knew what it was) and her guilty pleasures. Listen Up
Creative Recruitment Titans, Emma Head & Anna Smith
Series 1 Episode 4 Creative Recruitment Titans, Emma Head and Anna Smith on findin a job in the Creative Industry. Listen Up
Puppet master Dominika Sira from Bergen, Norway
Series 1 Episode 5 Puppet master Dominika Sira on the wonderful world of being a puppet master. Listen Up
Master of Decibels, Paul Mellor on a bright pink background, framed in a star.
Series 2 Episode 1 Master of Decibels (MD), Paul Mellor on how to spot when you are in a team of A people, verses a cluster fuck, and how small is better. Listen Up
Senior European Brand Manager, Claire Petzal, on a bright pink background, framed in a star.
Series 2 Episode 2 We invite self-confessed ‘suit’ (grown-up) Senior European Brand Manager for Nomad Foods, Claire Petzal to talk about graduating to a life in the creative industry from an often ignored, but crucial part: suits. Account directors; the people that help keep the walls from folding in, the ceiling from crashing and the lights on. Before her […] Listen Up
Global Executive Creative Director, Jo Wallace
Series 2 Episode 3 Join us as each episode we delve into tales from a creative leader. How they found their way in to the creative industry. How to survive, thrive and maintain their creativity whilst not becoming a total dick. What it means to be a creative leader. Discover their motivations, challenges, and valuable insights that will help […] Listen Up