Creative recruiters Emma Head and Anna Smith

Creative Recruitment Titans, Emma Head & Anna Smith

Creative recruiters Emma Head and Anna Smith join us from Beyond the Book are creative industry titans. Beyond the Book was born out a love for the creative industry, bringing the principles of great account management in to the recruitment industry.

In this episode we talk to Emma and Anna about what Beyond the Book does; covering hiring talent across the spectrum of creative. The challenges of standing out in a world of noise and make yourself heard. What you can do to maximise your entry in to the industry; how to approach people, what to say and how to hold yourself in interviews (spoiler: make eye contact, and no slouching on the sofa if on Zoom). How you can exist as an introvert in an industry largely made-up of extraverts.

People buy from people. Immediately standout by contacting people directly by calling them on the telephone. Write a personal note to individuals about why you love their work and want to work for them. Never underestimate starting at the bottom and using your time to learn as much as you can. Luck and hard work goes a long way so be resourceful and be prepared to put the effort in finding a job.

Learn how to manage your confidence and wellbeing. How to use social media to find and contact agencies and creatives, but remember: quality not quantity. Communicate more openly, build your network, and refine craft of just being yourself. We discuss how graduates need to be found and recruiters use tools to find you, so use the job title in your Linkedin profile. Equally important, have a picture of yourself on your profile.

For that reason, think of yourself as your own brief. For example, how to market yourself? Who is your target audience? Where do they exist? What tone of voice do you need to apply? You are your own advertising campaign brief.

First thing to remember, your career is a life long journey so dedicate yourself to it.

This and other great top tips from two creative recruitment titans just for your audible pleasure.

Power of Three

A packed edition of ‘POWER OF THREE’ from Emma and Anna – double trouble.

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Note: This was recorded in March 2021 and we were all living in COVID-19 Series One, Episode Three.