Advertising partners Mary and Lauren from Barkley, Kansas City

Podcast cover with advertising duo Mary Buzbee and Lauren Meadows

Advertising professionals Mary (copywriter) and Lauren (art director) from Barkley join us from Kansas City. Founders of The Workshop, a free and fully remote, creative mentorship program for anyone looking to work in advertising.

In this episode we talk to Mary (Lauren lost connection). How they met, how they refined their art direction and copywriting skills. How you can move from art direction to copywriting or vice versa and find a fluid path to do both.

Learn how to embrace and use social media to find and contact agencies and creatives. Or just to rant at politicians. To communicate more openly, build your network, and refine craft of just being yourself. We discuss how Mary and Lauren are helping other graduates to be more authentic, to communicate and make more industry BFFs easier. How COVID-19 affected them and the advertising industry in North America.

Is your About you page terrible? Do you struggle with what to write or how to use an Oxford Comma? Lauren has plenty of handy tips and tricks.

Power of Three

Lauren and Mary share their ‘POWER OF THREE’ on making industry BFFs, when to reach out to people and how Twitter is your best friend. They’re helping the next generation with their The Workshop. For all this awesome listen to the episode.

You can follow and become BFFs with Mary on Twitter here, Lauren here. Follow TheWorkshop here. Their website is here.

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Note: This was recorded in October 2020. Trump was President chatting total bollocks and COVID-19 was in Series One, Episode Two.