Master of Decibels (MD) Paul Mellor of Mellor&Smith

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To kick-off series two, we talk to Master of Decibels (MD) Paul Mellor from Mellor&Smith. If you’ve not heard of Mellor, we’re surprised.

Co-author of BlandBook (with the brilliant Vikki Ross). Co-creator of the #TakeFuckingRisks speaker series with the fabulous Cookie Tabinor. A fellow at the Chartered Society of Designers and BAFTA nominated (Mellor was co-producer on Boiling Point) and recently got a campaign banned after the launch their second campaign for Fat Lad, titled Fat Lad At The Back, or FLAB LIMITED for short.

In this episode we ask Master of Decibels, Paul Mellor the important questions regarding his career working in the creative industries, like:

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What the fuck do you do?

Which came first – the client or the agency?

As a creative and a self-confessed ‘starter of fires’ does he battle the beast of insecurity, Or does he just grab a match, pour on the petrol and light it up?

What’s Mellor’s advice on side-hustles and how does he balance his with a day job?

This and much much more from Paul Mellor.

Power of Three

For all this and Paul’s ‘POWER OF THREE’ listen to the episode.

You can follow Paul/Mellor&Smith on Instagram. Connect on Linkedin.

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Note: This episode was recorded in December 2022.