Puppet Master, Dominika Sira

Puppet master Dominika Sira from Bergen, Norway

Have you faced a challenging obstacle in your career? Our latest episode of #ShoutOutToHelpOut features Dominika Sira who turned disappointment in to a passion for puppet theatre.

A professional actor and puppeteer, actor, mask-actor, physical theatre performer, songwriter, puppeteer, director and teacher, Dominika Sira is multi-lingual and performs her productions in Norway and across Europe.

We discuss the Norwegian weather, what it takes to work in puppet theatre and how Dominika became a successful puppet master. Spoiler: it’s not (just) hand puppets made out of socks, dolls or the Muppets (RIP Jim Henson).

Born and raised in Poland, Dominika moved to and lives in Bergen (Norway) with her husband Jon Eric and their ten year old son. We explore how Dominika balances family life, work and performing her productions internationally. How she found her calling in puppet theatre, where she gets her ideas from and how she develops each production from inception to on-stages performances across Norway and Europe with her own theatre company: Open Window Theatre.

A fast growing genre of theatre, Dominika has built a popular following, building a thriving audience of all ages across Europe.

Power of Three

For all this and Dominika’s ‘POWER OF THREE’ listen to the episode. You can find out more information about Dominika and Open Window Theatre here. Follow on Facebook here.

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This episode was recorded in March 2021. Steve has been a bit busy but has finally edited and posted it, eventually.