Copywriter royalty, copy chief Vikki Ross

Creative Industry Royalty, Copy Chief Vikki Ross

Our guest, is creative industry royalty. A writer, speaker, mentor and copywriter chief. If you a budding writer or copywriter you have to listen, it’s Shout Out law. Welcome, Vikki Ross.

Vikki went from The Body Shop to Virgin Media to Sky to Expedia and back to Sky, and Sky Creative Agency. She’s been working for herself as ‘Copy Chief’ for almost 10 years now – clients include Twitter, FIFA and Spotify. Vikki shares… Vikki shares how she found her way in to writing copy, not knowing copywriting was a thing. How to make connections and taking a job in a company to get experience in or around the job you want.

From mentoring for three organisations, Vikki writes at The Market Society, D&AD Judge and Copywriter Tutor for the awesome School of Communication Arts 2.0.

Not content with all that, in 2011 Vikki created the popular hashtag #ThingsYourHearInAgencies. This evolved in 2012 to #AgencyQuotes, which up until 2018 our guest helped share more than 20,000 tweets to over 10,000 followers and publishing two volumes under the same title. 

Vikki created #copywritersunite on Twitter; which has become an organised night in London. The first event had five guests. Pre-COVID this peaked at 80 people turning up to their #copywritersunite nights in London, with fellow Copywriters hosting nights in Birmingham, Brighton, Bournemouth, Manchester, Leeds, Reading, Sheffield and Edinburgh. This year, they went global with nights in Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam and Sydney.

How to cultivate your personal brand?

Vikki exposes what ‘cultivating a personal brand’ means: just by being yourself. How she started in copywriting. Shit Christmas films. Trashy TV. On doing what you love doing and where she finds inspiration to write for money.

How to motivate yourself, ask for help and deal with the frustrations of the competitive Advertising industry. What makes you different? What will help you get that job you always wanted? The importance of extra-curricular activity, the rewards you can gain by putting in the work.

Power of Three

For all this and Vikki’s ‘POWER OF THREE’ listen to the episode.

You can follow Vikki Ross on Twitter here. Connect on Linkedin.

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Note: This was recorded in November 2020. Trump was President talking about injecting yourself with bleach and COVID-19 was in Series One, Episode Two.