Creative leader, Global Executive Creative Director, Jo Wallace

Global Executive Creative Director, Jo Wallace

Join us as each episode we delve into tales from a creative leader. How they found their way in to the creative industry. How to survive, thrive and maintain their creativity whilst not becoming a total dick. What it means to be a creative leader. Discover their motivations, challenges, and valuable insights that will help you to find your own way into and through the creative industry.

Series 2, Episode 3 – Jo Wallace: Global Executive Creative Director, Media.Monks.

Our third episode of Shout Out To Help Out explores the formative years and career with guest Jo Wallace, Global Executive Creative Director at Media.Monks. Jo shares how, in her new role, she’s bringing together her experience and knowledge to support herself and her global team.

I still remember walking to the lift, getting in the lift, holding it all in. And then as soon as the lift doors closed we were like ‘FUCKING HELL!’. We couldn’t believe it. So then we were that annoying team, I think everyone on our course hated us, that we not only got a job, but a job a HHCL!”

Jo Wallace

Join us as Jo explains:

  • How her and her creative partner landed their first job at (then top advertising agency) HHCL even before graduating
  • When not to listen to advice
  • The importance of interview technique
  • How to get ahead and challenge the industry, as a creative but also a woman
  • The purpose of awards and how to use them as a paperweight
  • How she’s made the transition from traditional advertising agency to Media.Monks

For all creatives and graduates aspiring to become a creative leader – find out how Jo chartered her career pathway by making the most of every opportunity. Awards – do they matter? Is she relieved not to be working in (traditional agency) advertising? What is a ‘global, executive creative director’? Changing the usual lip-service and endless talk about equality, diversity and inclusion of the industry.

To help new grads also cover some other topics:

In an industry often littered with human equivalents of dog poo bags left on the pavement, how has she managed to remain such a decent human being?

As a creative leader, how do you look after yourself and your wellbeing, what are her coping mechanisms?

Awards, do they really matter?

What is the one thing she wished she’d known at the start of her career that she’s later learned?

What are the qualities of a creative that standout to Jo that puts someone on her radar – are there any no no’s that raise a flag?

How she established Good Girls Eat Dinner to change the fact that only 17% of all creative directors are female?

What makes a great creative?

How do you make sure you find and have fun working in the creative industry?

Is Jo actually Banksy?

What if anything, keeps a creative leader awake at night?

This and much much more from Jo Wallace. Connect with Jo on Linkedin.

Listen to Jo’s Good Girls Eat Dinner podcast here.

About the series

Shout Out To Help Out was a lightbulb moment for London-based creative director and mentor Steve Price in July 2020’s lockdown.

Whilst working from home and feeling grumpy, he was glad he wasn’t a grad trying to launch a career at this time.

But to be glad was passive. And crap. And he’s neither. So he got up from the sofa and travelled all the way to kitchen table in lockdown and created a movement where grads could get their work seen using his contacts.

He started the podcast to bring you insight from creative leaders to help inspire and educate you. You’re welcome.

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