Creative partners Charlotte & Lucy from Grey London

Creative industry duo Charlotte & Lucy on graduating into advertising from Grey, London

We sat down to with creative duo, Charlotte Alford and Lucy Donagh from Grey London. Find out how they met, how to find a creative partner and how they broke in to advertising.

Do you remember your final year at University? Finishing your final year of our degree at home, back at your parents house. Online tutorials with your tutor, in your old bedroom? No graduation, no graduation ball, just a global pandemic. Our first two guests did just that.

In this first episode we talk to Charlotte and Lucy who graduated in 2019/20. We discover how they met and the award winning project that brought them together.

We get their advice how you can find your creative partner; what to look for, where to find them. How the endless task of submitting your work to awards. What platforms they recommend using to find a job or to help become the most boring people on the planet. What they look for on those platforms – what was their strategy for finding a job or networking.

Power of Three

For all this and our guests ‘POWER OF THREE’ and how they want to de-stigmatise female pleasure and helping the nation to draw a vulva, listen to the episode.

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Note: This was recorded in October 2020. Trump was President, COVID-19 was in Series One.