Senior European Brand Manager, Claire Petzal

Senior European Brand Manager, Claire Petzal, on a bright pink background, framed in a star.

We invite self-confessed ‘suit’ (grown-up) Senior European Brand Manager for Nomad Foods, Claire Petzal to talk about graduating to a life in the creative industry from an often ignored, but crucial part: suits. Account directors; the people that help keep the walls from folding in, the ceiling from crashing and the lights on.

Before her big leap into advertising, Claire was an Actor Musician who changed career in her early 20s because she had a passion to do something creative but within a business context. She kissed goodbye to the stage and her successful career running a tan shop, landed in Adland before graduating to client-side.

Her experience working in live performance gave her the perfect skills to handle clients and colleagues who appreciate clear and cohesive communication. And having the opportunity to always be ‘on stage’, sharing creative work with an even greater audience.

For all new graduates – find out how a tanning salon client inspired Claire to pursue a career in Adland. How you can avoid eating your young and remain ambitious. And practical advice and logistics to changing careers from Agency to client-side.

To help new grads also cover some other topics:

How did your first job in Adland go and what did you learn?

How does Adland differ from client-side and does she ever miss it?

Now she’s on the other side of the table, what are the common mistakes agencies make when presenting themselves or their work?

What was it like being an actor, naked in a bed, with a good looking man, and did it lead her reconsider a life treading the boards? Like i said, important topics.

This and much much more from Claire Petzal. Connect with Claire on Linkedin.

About the series

Shout Out To Help Out was a lightbulb moment for London-based creative director and mentor Steve Price in July 2020’s lockdown.

Whilst working from home and feeling grumpy, he was glad he wasn’t a grad trying to launch a career at this time.

But to be glad was passive. And crap. And he’s neither. So he got up from the sofa and travelled all the way to kitchen table in lockdown and created a movement where grads could get their work seen using his contacts.

He started the podcast to bring you insight from creative leaders to help inspire and educate you. You’re welcome.

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