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It’s not about us, it’s about you: the creative and design graduates of 2021 trying to get into the industry.

It’s not about us, it’s about you: the creative and design graduates of 2023 trying to get into the industry.

Design and Ad school Grads
Got a portfolio? Great. You’re in our 2023 free scheme. Upload some work with some words we’ll get shouting on our social channels riddled with industry eyes ready to hire you.

Industry eyes
Recruiter? Agency looking for an intern? Nosey Parker? Search our talent pages for this year’s portfolios.


Shout Out To Help Out was a lightbulb moment for London-based creative and mentor Steve Price in July 2020’s lockdown.

Whilst working from home and feeling grumpy, he was glad he wasn’t a grad trying to launch a career at this time.

But to be glad was passive. And crap. And he’s neither. So he got up from the sofa and travelled all the way to kitchen table in lockdown and created a movement where grads could get their work seen using his contacts.

“It’s so important for junior creatives and grads’ portfolios to be seen by as many industry eyes & CDs as possible. It’s never too early to network, and #ShoutOutToHelpOut is a great platform to make a start”

Emma Head,
Creative Development Director & Freelance Recruitment Specialist,
Beyond The Book

Shout out to Team #ShoutOutToHelpOut

Code Master – Chris Grant,
Frontend developer and all round superhero has worked with Steve for over ten years.

Director of Correcting All Steve’s Typos – Becky Smith,
Senior Freelance Copywriter, 20 years London agency experience.

General Dogs Body – Bob “the Cockapoo” Price,
zero agency experience but may occasionally feature in Steve’s shout outs.

CEO of SHOUTING – Steve Price
Creative Director, with 400 years experience in the industry.

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